This Is How LeAnn Rimes Stays Healthy, Energized & Stress-Free

You may know LeAnn Rimes for her renowned success in the music scene, skyrocketing to fame at the mere age of 13. But what you may not realize is that in addition to writing stellar albums, she’s also passionate about holistic health—diving right into wellness the day after her 30th birthday. While the world was just beginning to understand the importance of breathwork and meditation, Rimes was taking deep belly breaths on the mat well before the practice gained its mass popularity. 

While most of us probably can’t attest to singing at the Texas Opry stage at age 5 or winning a Grammy at age 14, we can certainly relate to having a jam-packed schedule. Here’s a glimpse into how Rimes prioritizes nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness, plus what she does daily to stay grounded, clear-headed, and stress-free.

What first got you into wellness?

I feel like I have two pieces to my wellness journey. The first began when I was 18, and honestly, I have to credit my ex-husband for first introducing me to wellness around my body. He opened my eyes to healthier ways of eating and working out. The second piece came with a great depth when I had just turned 30. I checked myself into a treatment center for severe anxiety and depression and surrendered to help and a power much greater than me. I began breathwork with an incredible human and teacher, Ashley Neese, and began to expand my capacity to feel everything that I had been running from. Now, my wellness journey is incredibly well rounded. I care for my physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual health on a daily basis. 

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What’s a typical day in the life for you at home?

My meals are pretty simple and clean, and I love food with great flavor. When I’m home, I plan my meals for the week on Sundays. We’re blessed to have a full-time housekeeper who helps me prep the recipes, so that saves me time at the end of the day when I get ready to cook.

We make a lot of smoothies with collagen and protein in the mornings, and I’m a huge fan of a good açaĂ­ bowl (topped with almond butter and fresh coconut meat) or overnight oats. Lunch is usually leftovers from the night before if I cooked, and it’s usually some kind of taco in almond flour tortillas (chicken, lean beef, turkey, or portobellos) or a healthy soup. Dinner is a big salad with protein and veggies or brown rice pasta with veggies and goat cheese. 

I workout around 10 a.m. four to five days a week. I circuit train using weights and body weight with my trainer, Ali Shields. I also do 15 to 20 minutes two to three times a week on my Bellicon rebounder. I take walks with my dog, Fleetwood, and my hubby, and I’m also into P.Volve workouts. They’re super convenient when I am traveling. Eddie and I also do yin yoga one or two times a week. 

I meditate once a day for 30 minutes to an hour, depending on what I have going on. No matter how busy I am, I make a point to carve out time in order to center myself. I also practice breathwork and experience nature whenever I can. I used to have a very regimented practice, but now I tune into my body and my heart and allow my practice to be led by their response. 

I also write a lot. I used to journal, but now I write so much for my blog, Soul of EverLe, that I consider that my journaling.

Do you have any methods that work super well for you in terms of stress & anxiety? 

Deep breathing has been helpful. Deep belly breath inhales and long exhales, extending the exhale for 3-4 counts longer than the inhale. I just started somatic therapy with a wonderful practitioner, Nicole Lohse. We’re working on unlocking the trauma that is held within the body. The body is the last to let go of trauma because it’s so dense. I’ve done a lot of work over the past seven years as far as processing my trauma and pain, but I recognize that my body’s still holding on to the past and remains in fight-or-flight a lot of the time. I’m excited to work with Nicole on unraveling what’s trapped and free up space so that I can feel more relaxed in my life and at home in my body. 

Exercise is also helpful. A nice walk with deep breathing can work wonders. In my personal experience, I’ve found that untapped creative energy shows up as anxiety, and I have a lot of it. So when you are anxious—create! Write, sing, dance, cook a nourishing meal, paint, play with your kids, make candles, whatever feels good. If you create something magical and want to share it with the world, fantastic, but it doesn’t have to be that way at all. We’re all creative beings and have a well of creativity inside of us that’s just waiting to be explored. 

I also ask myself these questions when I’m feeling anxious:

  1. Is it mine, or am I taking on the emotions of others in my environment? It’s always good to tune in to see if what you are experiencing is truly yours. Put your well-being first.
  2. Am I playing enough? Play is so important to our overall health, and I especially struggle in this area. Get out and do something you enjoy! Work or other responsibilities can wait an hour or two. 

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How do you keep your well-being a priority when you may be traveling a lot or getting little sleep on tour? 

I am flexible yet committed. If I can’t get a full-hour workout in, I do what I can in 10 to 20 minutes or some stretching. I pack a yoga mat, a jumprope, my P. Volve bands so that I can work out no matter where I end up. If I haven’t gotten enough sleep, I allow my body to rest. Listening to what our body needs in the moment is the most important key. I also make it a point to get massages when I am at home and on the road. I demand a lot of my body, between traveling and the stage. I do everything I can to show it love. 

What’s your favorite trend in wellness right now? 

The fact that breathwork is becoming so mainstream makes me excited. Our breath is our life force, and yet so many of us walk about taking shallow breaths or holding our breath and never enjoying the fullness of our life force. Breathwork was the entry point to a whole new life for me, so I am a huge proponent of it.

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