Meghan Trainor Speaks Out About Her Battle With Panic Disorder

Meghan Trainor has been recognized as a confident, body-positive icon, but like most of us, she has to work hard to maintain a healthy mindset. In a recent interview with People magazine, the 26-year-old singer opened up about her battle with mental illness and the treatments that help her cope.

After being hospitalized for panic attacks in 2017 and later diagnosed with a panic disorder, Trainor started seeing a therapist, taking medication, getting acupuncture, and working out. 

“Now it’s been a couple of years, and I haven’t had a panic attack in so long,” she said. “I feel like I conquered it.”

The panic attacks began after the singer underwent a second vocal cord surgery, forcing her to cancel tours. The fear of losing her ability to sing triggered sleepless, anxiety-ridden nights. Trainor even confused some panic attacks, when she felt her throat closing up, for allergic reactions. 

The artist acknowledged her doctor for helping both her and her parents see past the stigma of mental health medication. “The best thing my doctor ever told me,” she said, was ‘You use an inhaler for your lungs, right? Why can’t you use medicine to fix your brain?'”

Along with medication, her therapist has taught the young star the value of rewarding yourself after overcoming periods of anxiety. The concept even inspired her song “Treat Myself,” which is also the album title, in which she sings, “I been working real hard on myself, on my health, and my happiness.” 

One aspect of treating yourself, according to Trainor, is also loving yourself. Engaging in positive self-talk can help quiet anxious or harmful thoughts. Prioritizing self-care while balancing family and a high-profile career can be challenging, but with the help of those around her, Trainor has figured it out.

Trainor joins a group of other brave celebrities, including Selena Gomez and Chrissy Teigen, who are helping change the conversation about mental health.

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